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Hundreds of models are here to chat with you. You can watch them live doing sexy stuff! There are all categories and you can give tokens to the models.

Combien coûte les jetons sur

There are 4 different packs on cams:

  • 100 tokens : 10.86€.
  • 250 tokens : 23.53€.
  • 500 tokens: 45.26€.
  • 1000 tokens: 89.61€.
Vous pouvez avoir 100 jetons gratuitement en plus si vous passez par notre lien. Le paiement se fait par carte bancaire ou virement.



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Make money on

Intéressé à devenir un modèle de webcam ? est un site de camming populaire avec de nombreuses fonctionnalités. Devenir un modèle de webcam et faire de l’argent sur le site est facile et quelque chose que n’importe qui de dix-huit ans ou plus peut faire.

Tous les genres sont acceptés et le processus d’inscription est facile. Voici tout ce que vous devez savoir sur la façon de démarrer en tant que modèle de webcam

Quick Information :

  • Genres : Women, Men, Transgender, Couples
  • Services : Camming, Fanclubs, Pre-recorded Shows
  • Model Percentage : 32 % to 70 %.
  • Collections : Cheque, ACH, Paypal, Paxum, Wire
  • Reimbursement : Covered
  • Affiliate Program Yes
  • Studios Yes




What do you need to get started?

The only major requirement to get started is to be eighteen years old or older. Anyone 18 years old or older can become a / Streamray webcam model and get paid by playing on the camera. There are also some equipment requirements:

Computer : As long as the computer can handle the flash, it will work with the software. Windows and iOS are both supported.

Webcam : An external HD webcam or video camera is highly recommended, and you will earn more money by using a better quality stream.

high-speed Internet : The higher the download speed, the higher the quality of your programs and the more money you will earn.

Place of work Most models use their bedroom or a dedicated cam room.

Cams accepte tous les genres : Femmes, hommes et transgenres

Anyone can become a webcam model, regardless of gender. accepts female, male and transgender accounts. It is also possible to perform transactions with a partner, although before doing so, your partner must also be verified and associated with your account.


How much do models get paid? operates on a tiered system. The more chips you earn, the more credits you earn. Here is a list of the different levels and percentages that performers can earn:

  • 32 % - Up to 50,000 tokens (5,000 $)
  • 50 % - 50,001 and 60,000 tokens (5,001 $ and 6,000 $)
  • 60 % - 60,001 and 100,000 tokens (6,001 $ and 10,000 $)
  • 70 % - more than 100,000 tokens (10,000 $)

Amounts are calculated by payment period. Contests, bonus program revenue and any other bonus program announced after August 29, 2017 do not count in the calculation of tiered revenue.

Collection options available for models

Cams supporte les méthodes de retrait suivantes. Veuillez noter que certaines méthodes de paiement peuvent ne pas être prises en charge dans certains pays :

  • Cheque
  • ACH / Direct Deposit
  • Paypal
  • Paxum
  • Bank transfer

modele cams


Different types of camming shows

There are five types of live shows available on Cams: Free, Nude, Private Chat, Tip Chat, and Private Chat with cam2cam.

Free cats are interactive, dressy chats between models and members. The purpose of free shows is to attract members who might initially be reluctant to pay for something they can't see. Conversion to a paying member occurs when you receive an invitation to a Private Chat.

Naked cats are premium chats that offer a live show to all members who access them. You MUST be naked during a nude chat. Members pay by the minute, so the longer they stay, the more you earn. Nude chats allow you to earn a lot of money quickly, because several members (all paying a per-minute rate) can see your stream at the same time, especially loyal Fan Club members or recurring customers you first met in free chat.

Private cats are intimate, one-on-one shows between you and the member. No other member can see or access a private chat. You can ask a member to take you privately, but only a member can actually initiate a private chat. You can ONLY become Private from a Free Chat. These are the most paid shows per minute, and are great opportunities to build a loyal audience of members who could join your Fan Club and/or connect to every nude chat you do.

The Tip Cat are a version of Free Chat that allows you to set a tipping goal and allows viewers to contribute to the goal and make requests. This type of chat is a great way to make money quickly, especially if your show is fun and engaging. Private shows are disabled in the tipping chat so you and your viewers can focus on reaching the tipping goal. You can start a show at any time during the tipping chat, but you can only be naked when your show is active.

Private chats with cam2cam are the same, only with the cam2cam feature included at an additional cost to the member. This is the highest paying show per minute, and again can only be initiated by the member (they select this option when they choose to participate in Private Chat, and can only activate it once in Private Chat). Essentially, this allows the member to send you their live video image so that you can interact with them, which enhances the experience.




Earning money from pre-recorded shows selects many of your best shows (and actually screenshots) and displays them on your public account for members to access.

Neither the models nor the studios are involved in this process, but they are still paid a percentage when a member accesses the pre-recorded shows (NOT, however, when photos of the show are viewed), so you can still make money on a big session weeks and months later without having to do a single thing.

Receive money from Premium fan clubs as well

Les Fan Clubs sont un excellent moyen de gagner de l’argent supplémentaire et de fidéliser les membres qui consulteront régulièrement vos chats premium. N’importe quel membre peut s’inscrire à votre Fan Club moyennant des frais supplémentaires, donc plus vous avez de fans, plus vous gagnez d’argent !

Les membres de votre Fan Club bénéficient de rabais lorsqu’ils accèdent à vos émissions premium et ont accès gratuitement à vos émissions préenregistrées. Ils ont également la possibilité de vous envoyer un email à votre adresse Cams et de voir toutes vos photos.

You do not have the ability to restrict a member of your fan club, however, you can always block a member's email and chat if they are abusive in any way. If serious problems or violations persist, report them immediately by clicking on the "Report Abuse" link at the bottom of any page and filling out the form. ChargeBack Policy

Pendant les 90 jours suivant la première diffusion, vous serez responsable de tous les débits compensatoires de Private Call, Private Chat, Tipping Chat, Party Chat, Nude Chat, Voyeur Chat, Cam-2-Cam, Recorded shows, Tips, Virtual gifts et Fan Club Memberships.

Après 90 jours, / Streamray prendra en charge tous les débits compensatoires autres que les pourboires, les cadeaux virtuels et les abonnements à un fan club. Veuillez noter que vous serez responsable de tous les débits compensatoires dans les cas où vous êtes impliqué dans une fraude. Model Affiliate Program models who are not associated with a studio have the opportunity to earn money by sponsoring new models. Models have a special referral link that they can share with anyone interested in becoming a performer. This is a progressive revshare program that lasts for the first year they perform on the site.

  • Months 1-2 : 36 %.
  • Months 3-4 : 24 %.
  • Months 5-6 : 12 %.
  • Months 7-8 : 6 %.
  • Months 9-10 : 4%
  • Months 11-12 : 2 %.

If you are not a webcam model, but you still want to recruit models for the site, check out the affiliate program, described below.

Supported Studio Accounts supporte les comptes studio. Un compte studio est l’endroit où les modèles sont enregistrés sous votre studio. Le studio est payé directement, et est responsable de payer leurs modèles, en prenant un pourcentage pour eux-mêmes.

Pour justifier ce pourcentage, on s’attend à ce que le studio fournisse de la valeur pour les modèles, qu’il s’agisse de consultation, de promotion ou de fournir un emplacement physique pour que les modèles puissent cam.




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Le processus d’inscription est rapide et facile, et vous pouvez commencer en un rien de temps ! Tous les genres sont acceptés et tout le monde peut gagner de l’argent en jouant sur le site.

En plus des spectacles par webcam, gagnez de l’argent grâce aux spectacles enregistrés et aux abonnements premium aux fan-clubs.

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