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Chaturbate is a live sex site with women masturbating pussy and men fucking. You have live sex with women who masturbate pussy and men who fuck. hundreds of free live shows and registration is FREE of charge.You can leave tips for the girls you want in exchange for sex.

In this article, we tell you everything about the Chaturbate website and its possibilities. We give you our opinion and that of regular users.

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⭐ Note 5/5
📅 Date 2011
📙 Languages English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic, Greek, Hindi, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Russian 

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How much do tokens cost on Chaturbate? 🍑

The token system might make your head spin at first and we're often asked about it.

Here are the prices:

chaturbate tokens

  • 100 tokens for 10,99$
  • 200 tokens for 20,99$ (5% Bonus)
  • 400 tokens for 39,99$ (22% Bonus)
  • 550 tokens for 49,99$ (31% Bonus)
  • 750 tokens for 62,99$ (37% Bonus)
  • 1000 chips for 79,99$ (38% Bonus)

You can pay by credit card, paysafecard, paypal, bank transfer, crypto (bitcoin, ether...).

There is a possibility to get 200 tokens for free if you go through our link.



What is Chaturbate? 🍑

Chaturbate is a live webcam platform for adults. It allows users and models to interact in a sexual way.

A showcam platform that gives models options to earn money. You can interact with the camgirls and donate tokens, which will activate interactive vibrators, buy photos, videos, underwear and more.


Is Chaturbate right for new camgirls? 🍑

Chaturbate is great for beginning models. It's one of the platforms I used, and still use when I started my modeling career. They pay very well and allow you to build a community pretty easily. Building a good group of regulars is the best way to make hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the webcam modeling industry.

To learn more, we have made a complete article to know how to become a camgirl.



How does Chaturbate work? 🍑

You can interact with camgirls in many different ways. There are the gift-controlled vibrators like the lovense lush. This is a powerful vibrator triggered by donations. It encourages people to tip well to watch you squirm and cum again and again. Everyone wins with Chaturbate!

You can chat with other visitors and interact directly with the camgirl. It's a good way to keep in touch and make the live chat more interesting.


Signing up for Chaturbate is easy 🍑

Registration to Chaturbate is completely free.

You can see cameras in all categories - except private (until you pay for a private show) also known as premium show.

If you are interested in a premium live show, you can purchase tokens (just do it!). These tokens are the form of currency you use for both premium shows and for tipping during camgirl performances.

You can also use tokens to spend on items like photos and videos that the camgirls have to offer.

Every camgirl on this site works for donations. Yes, you can watch for free or you can interact with donations, which makes Chaturbate even more fun for clients and camgirls.

Camgirls can make big money working as a model on Chaturbate. Some models have told me that they make up to 15,000€ per month working 6 days a week for about 4 hours a day.

Chaturbate takes a share of the model earnings, but the models are very well off and well promoted.


camgirl chaturbate


Token system on Chaturbate 🍑

Mentioned earlier, tokens can be used for photos, videos and subscriptions as well as for camgirl donations.

There is also the possibility to buy and sell panties (if you are a model) on Chaturbate. Of course, with tangible goods like selling panties, this can be done by contacting the model via private messaging and arranging delivery and is entirely up to the camgirl.

There are a number of ways to spend and also earn money using Chaturbate. For example, Chaturbate, as a company, runs many different contests for its broadcasters.

The monthly cash prizes vary, but be in first place and you can win substantial bonuses. The typical contest is the best cameras per hour in which you can receive a cash prize.

The tokens are not excessively expensive and allow thousands of women and men to live on the site. So don't hesitate to make a small donation to your favorite camgirl to support her and make yourself happy.


If Chaturbate is free, why buy tokens? 🍑

A feature unknown to visitors on Chaturbate is the fact that all cam viewers are classified by color or code. Thanks to this system, models can know who are the heavy users or the casual voyeurs who don't have money.

Think about it...

This can have a huge effect on your experience. Buying chips makes you more popular because the models can tell you how big your wallet is. Think of it like a strip club.

The Chaturbate color-coding system

Each member of Chaturbate is distinctly characterized in color. It sounds racist, but it's not. Categories can tell a model how many chips they have, how often they tip, how much they spend, and also the activity on the site.

Color coding creates a natural response to provide the best service to those who are likely to tip.

Camgirls will be less likely to accept a suggestion from a layman than someone who drops money left and right in chat rooms. If you have a big wallet and ask a girl to spank herself, for example, you'll have a much easier time convincing her to do so.

Just like in the real world, money works and bullshit does not. That's why Chaturbate is one of the best webcam chat sites. The chat rooms can accommodate 30,000 viewers on a single live show at peak times with big spenders. If you want to be a Chaturbate model this is the place to start making money.

Chaturbate's color-coding system:

  • Red - Chat room moderator, appointed by the camgirl to monitor the chat.
  • Orange - La Camgirl
  • Grey - Member with no money or tokens
  • Green - Member fan of the camgirl
  • Light blue - Members who spend between 1 and 50 chips in 2 weeks
  • Dark blue - Members who spend between 50 and 250 chips in 2 weeks
  • Light purple - Members who spend between 250 and 1000 chips in 2 weeks
  • Dark purple - Members who spend 1000 or more chips in 2 weeks. These are the best!

If you want to be popular with boys, girls or trans people, you have to spend a little.

notice chaturbate


How to get tokens for free on Chaturbate? 🍑

To get free tokens you have several solutions.

Already forget about the " chaturbate token generators "and other" hack chaturbate " that are scamsHowever, you can get free tokens for real.

For this you can:

  • Register as a camgirl or camboy on Chaturbate. To do that, register here. All tokens earned through this process can then be reused.
  • Invite people to join chaturbate by . You can earn 10 tokens per free registration and 500 tokens if someone registers, starts sharing their content and earns €20.
  • Fill in the form to lift the token limit on Chaturbate. Just complete this documentYou will then receive 200 tokens for free without doing anything.


Being part of the Chaturbate world 🍑

An extremely active community with tons of traffic and interaction between members and models. It has a social aspect that is very present on most channels.

The ability to send gifts to your favorite models via Amazon Wish Lists or be able to buy a model's used panties makes this site ideal not only for watching naked cams do their thing but also for becoming a model and making money doing fun things.

Well, if you're just a visitor looking for a good cam site, we've done the trick and Chaturbate is a safe bet! You can register for free today.

Now, if you want to become a camgirl, keep reading our article to get some tips.



Chaturbate optimization for Camgirl 🍑

There are a ton of templates on Chaturbate which is both a good and bad thing. Lots of templates means lots of competition.

Increase your Chaturbate followers

The first thing you'll need to do is increase your follower count. You will do this in places other than Chaturbate like Snapchat. You will definitely need a Snapchat account.

It's a perfect way to promote and also earn extra income that pays the bills. Fancentro, paired with Snapchat is not bad if you want to earn even more money on your Chaturbate page.

Sell nudes on Chaturbate

You'll want to have a public Snapchat account, as well as a private Snapcash account, where you can sell nudes for money via paypal. The non-nude version will be posted online to attract fans and future voyeurs, which you can send directly to your webcam via a nice link to your chat room.

The key here is to take a bunch of sexy and selfies pictures every day and send them to your followers. Believe me, they will want to see more and more as you seduce them with sexy pictures. You can also sell your nude pictures online via your private account and invite them there.

Snapchat and Twitter for more followers

Create a sexy Twitter and search for big SnapChat accounts such as Xhamster, Porntube and Pornhub, then contact them to try to promote your account for a short time.

Just make sure you have a sexy profile complete with a built in gallery. Remember, they are trying to make money just like you! The more complete your profile, the better.

Sending traffic to your cam show

Soon after, if you press enough, you should now have a very good audience. Whenever you start a live adult webcam, you can now alert on snapchat your regulars that you will be live for their entertainment.

I've seen models do it really well and suddenly they can have 2000-3000 viewers in a room. Imagine the donations after only a few hours working as a camgirl!

You always want new customers, to follow you too! Getting them to do so will alert them by e-mail every time you undress for the webcam, so your chat room will be inevitable on Chaturbate.

This can have a huge effect on people signing up before the show even starts, so you can be a highlighted model on Chaturbate with the potential to earn thousands of dollars a week!

Encourage them to click the "follow" button anywhere you can. In the chat room page, your twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, everywhere.

become a camgirl chaturbate


Make more money on Chaturbate 🍑

The most important thing about being a model on Chaturbate is simply to be consistent.

Keep your webcam running month after month and your earnings increase from paycheck to paycheck. Being consistent and building your follower lists is the best way to have one of the best paychecks!

Finally, if you start to run out of ideas, the best advice I can give is to look at what other models are doing. Especially the successful models who always seem to have a lot of viewers. It is often better to imitate than to innovate.


Make money on Chaturbate with apps 🍑

One of the good things about Chaturbate that sets it apart from other cam sites are the Chaturbate apps and bots. These are programs that can help camgirls increase their income and keep things organized during lives.

There are a number of different applications to choose from. Tracking tips, blocking particular users who are bothering you, in short, apps are a must.

App Ohmibod Chaturbate

One of the best apps, in my opinion, is the Ohmibod app for Chaturbate. This is the app that gets you excited when someone tips.

By donating, the app controls your Ohmibod device, sending vibrations into the vibrator. This is the most popular app to date on Chaturbate and is a good time for the CamGirl and viewers.

By incorporating this feature you will easily get more donations and make your program more interactive.

Chaturbate dice boot

Another application for models is the "dice bot" which gives viewers the ability to roll the dice. Once these digital dice are rolled, the corresponding number that the dice land on will cause a sex act to be performed.

This encourages donors to tip even more by taking a chance. The excitement of the game and the show will make them spend. The dice can be set up according to the model's wishes.

Many camgirls offer these actions:

  • Spanking
  • Playing with the ass
  • Playing with pussy
  • Flash Tits (show your breasts quickly - if you are not already naked)
  • Enjoy

You get the idea. Using your imagination with these applications will easily get you more attention on Chaturbate.



F.A.Q 🍑

🍑 Is Chaturbate a scam?

No, Chaturbate is a porn cam site that offers to see girls, men and transsexuals live 24 hours a day. The site is FREE, you can watch and sign up without paying anything, but you can donate to the camgirls (optional).

🍑 Can we generate tokens at l'infinity on Chaturbate?

Be careful, some sites promise to generate tokens on Chaturbate for free! This is a scam. You can't get tokens without paying money on the official site.

🍑 What are the best known camgirls on Chaturbate?

Some camgirls on Chaturbate make several tens of thousands of spectators, such as Caylin, mila_, mewtwo, debralee, ms_seductive or sweet_mia_91.

Conclusion 🍑

In short, if you are looking for shows that are as entertaining as possible, you can go to chaturbate with your eyes closed. Chaturbate seems to have come up with a lot of things, which makes it an ideal cam site for camgirls and visitors alike.

If you are not already registered on Chaturbate, now is the time to do so.



Think about leaving your review in comments with a rating and what you think of Chaturbate. Thanks to this review, you will help many users!


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  1. the problem is when a moderator takes control of several rooms, he banishes you as he wants, by revenge, on all the rooms, like (zp21340), he abuses the silence power, incites you to leave the site, for another one, and all that without the staff of the CB site, can do something. it's a real mafia which it is established now! it's regrettable, but many purple and blue dark, avoid the rooms where there is zp21340 as moderator. an adviser, a moderator for one room only and there will be no more problem, think about it!!!!.there can be several mods in the same room, but not several rooms with the same moderator. thank you.

  2. Chaturbate

    i love this site. i regularly watch justyourwaifu, imprezzzza1, molly_p and lovemegentle. i give regularly to my favorite streamers.

    + PROS: that pretty girls
  3. Chaturbate

    Chaturbate c just the best cam site that exists but when the stream becomes paying c boring

  4. I can't jerk off anywhere but chaturbate.

  5. Chaturbate

    really great for watching couples have sex live.

  6. How do we get the 200 free tokens?

    • You can get 200 tokens for free by lifting the limit of tokens purchased on Chaturbate, then you will have to fill out a document, as indicated in the article.

  7. It's a pleasure to see jessica_ashley every day.

  8. Chaturbate

    Chaturbate is just the best cam site on earth, I don't know why it's not first on your site

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