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Cam4 is a site of livecam sex You can see women fingering each other's pussy live just for you. There's also a token system to donate to your favorite camgirl. You can finally jerk off to what really turns you on with live sex!

Cam4 Token Prices

Before we start our review on cam4, here's how much the chips on cam4 cost. When you sign up, you get to 50 free tokensno matter what package you bought. You have 100 free tokens if you take cam4 gold.

You can pay by credit card or paypal. You have on average for 0.15€ per token.


Do you often find yourself looking for that perfect video when you're jerking off because it reminds you of when you were happy and horny with your slutty ex? Do you yearn for something real and unfiltered that doesn't look like two mounds of surgically enhanced flesh in front of an HD camera? Do you yearn for something hard and raw that doesn't look like it's been filmed in front of a live audience?

So is definitely your site for everything amateur and live.

It's a distinguished and refined Live-Cam site.

I think that Cam4 is one of the most distinguished live sex sites on the Internet, and it has been growing for over a decade (it can be compared to Bongacams) It's not like those other live sex websites that promise a lot and don't deliver much - Cam 4 is full of sluts who will do just about anything for their biggest fans.

And there's something for everyone; you can jerk off at your leisure with girls, guys, couples and even fucking transsexuals if that's what you like. And you can go even deeper with your search preferences; ethnicity, hair colour, body type, sexual orientation and even location can all be tailored to your needs. This live sex site has just about everything for everyone, and even an idiot can easily navigate through it and find his favourite slut in just a few seconds.


Real-time porn has never been this good.

Since I did the cam4 segment, I've almost forgotten all that premium porn shit I used to watch all the time. I mean, there's absolutely nothing better than jerking off to amateur bitches who'll do just about anything in front of a live camera as long as you make enough money (believe me, I've tried).

Many of you may have gotten into the habit of smothering your meat with premium products like RealityKings and BangBros, but this is exactly the kind of product that leaves you alone, depressed and disgusted right after you're done.

Cam4, on the other hand, feels real, because you can interact with these money-hungry bitches in all sorts of ways while doing your business, and you'll feel much more rewarded after you let go of your load. My favorite experience on this site will always be when my favorite bitch put a 20 cm dildo in her ass and squirted out afterwards while I was chatting with other people in the chat room all excited.

These artists are hard to beat

I've never seen a camgirl website with more dedicated artists than this one. I mean, there's the usual dildo play and masturbation, but it's pussy shit when compared to what these girls can do.

Money can make a person do crazy things, and the camgirls on this website will insert any number of dildos into their asses, swallow any kind of cash, pee on anything in their neighborhood, and do the most unspeakable acts on live cameras just to earn a dollar - damn dedication!

Just last night, I managed to get two handsome students with two hanging dildos to fuck each other while facing each other and kissing with whipped cream in their mouths. One of them threw himself halfway! It may not have been as extreme or as disgusting as some of the things I've been jerking off to on the Internet, but I have to say that watching them obey my orders gave me a truly unique pleasure. It cost a lot of money, but it was worth it.

It's a close-knit community

Whether you've jacked off to live webcam sites or not, you have to admit that this is not a live webcam website - it's a real step forward compared to regular webcam sites that offer little more than pure content.

Think of this place as a social club of horny bastards from all over the world who all gather together to watch their favorite camgirl do unspeakable acts to make money while talking about anything. There are plenty of other things to do on this site that goes beyond pulling charges while chatting with your kinky friends in the chat rooms. If you ever get tired of watching desperate camgirls doing their best to impress strangers, you can always look for local sluts in your area!

It's true, this site has its own local option - I hadn't had any luck yet since I prefer to jerk off to real sex, but I checked the local girls section and saw that I could definitely get lucky with some sluts who are real artists on the site.

There's even a blog

Not only are there some great videos on this site, but there's also a blog. That's right, a site dedicated to presenting live cameras has a blog, and it's full of articles that I found super weird.

The blog allows you to get to know some of the best artists on the site by posting articles about the fan's favourite camgirl of the month. This way you can try to seduce your favourite model by posting information about her in her chat room and playing it as if it wasn't a scary thing at all that only a horny stalker could do.

There are also real sexual horror stories told by artists that will make your dick shrivel up in your body, but I mostly skipped those stories because I don't want my dick to reverse itself.


He's not sexy looking.

Now, I always have a golden rule when it comes to porn website design, and that rule is always to keep the colors dark.

I hate porn sites with white backgrounds (huh XVideos) because it just takes the focus out of the video. I mean, I bought a 4k monitor screen just so I could watch my virtual girls get it up the ass in full HD, but when the background of a site is bright, it really screws with the focus.

And yes, I know you probably say "hurr durr, why don't you put it on full screen, goddamn it", but as a porn connoisseur, I find my experience much more immersive when there's a black background on the porn I watch, and I can't have it when my shit is on full screen.

Test Cam4, you may never go back to normal porn.

Remember what I said about this site offering a more real, raw, unrefined pornographic experience than traditional porn sites?

I really meant it when I said it - live webcam sites, or just live porn in particular, always offer a better wank experience than pre-made porn. When the bitch you're wanking to does all your bidding in real time, it gives you a much better experience because your surprisingly stupid brain gets tricked into thinking you're fucking a real person.

When this happens, your orgasms bring a lot more "good" chemicals and leave you feeling warm and satisfied when you're done, instead of being depressed and unhappy (which is probably how you are all the time anyway).

So when you have a website like Cam4 that gets the formula for live sex shows almost right, it really seals the deal because it's simply much more real (and by extension better) than an experience than jerking off to traditional porn.


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🍑 Is Cam4 a scam?

No, Cam4 is a porn cam site that offers to see girls, men and transsexuals live 24 hours a day. The site is FREE, you can watch and sign up without paying anything, but you can donate to the camgirls (optional).

🍑 Can you generate tokens at l'infinity on Cam4?

Be careful, some sites promise to generate tokens on Cam4 for free! This is a scam. You can't get tokens without paying money on the official site.

🍑 What are the best known camgirls on Cam4?

We regularly find very famous pornstars, mainly French, such as Anna Polina, Léa Guerlin, Tiffany Doll, Laly Vallade... But also camgirls exclusive to Cam4.

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Cam4 is a French livecam sex site. You can see women fingering their pussy live just for you. There is also a token system to donate to your favorite camgirl. You can finally jerk off to what really turns you on with live sex!

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  1. CAM4

    One of the best adult cam sites! So many choices, the models are pretty, the site is well done, nothing to say on cam4!

    + PROS: Best webcam site in France
    - CONS: None
  2. CAM4

    Excellent site, thanks for the 50 free tokens.

    + PROS: It's cool, though.
  3. CAM4

    I signed up, I received an email to confirm and since then I can't stop, I've been going there every night for a few weeks now and I love it!

    + PROS: THE BEST!!!
  4. CAM4 is really the best site to jerk off.

  5. CAM4

    I hope there's a promotion for black friday for the chips ❤️

    + PROS: lots of pretty girlssimple donation systempornstars like anna polina
  6. CAM4


  7. CAM4

    For once, a French porn site is rather rare. Thanks for the detailed review of Cam4. I'll have a look at what it looks like...

    + PROS: French websiteSounds interesting.
    - CONS: RAS
  8. CAM4

    Thank you for this guide on Cam4 in English

    + PROS: good locationnicefull of camgirls
  9. CAM4

    I've just discovered Cam4. I've read your opinion and I might as well tell you that the site will follow me for the whole year 2020.

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